Adelaide – The Influence of Dante in Art over the Centuries – 29 April 2021

Hosted by the Dante Alighieri Society of South Australia

Dante – His life beyond the grave / La sua vita oltre tomba

The measure of greatness/La misura di grandezza

Philip LaForgia Art Guide AGSA

“ Ma se le mie parole esser diem seme”

“but if my words shall be seeds that bear fruit”

Dante Alighieri

An invitation to all dantisti out there to join me, an art guide and a Dante student, on a visual pilgrimage of dantesque dimensions, a cammino that will take you across centuries, artistic movements and artists from il Rinascimento to contemporary art. See and hear how Dante’s visible words have inspired these creative spirits to interpret, cite and refer passages of his capolavoro La Divina Commedia into their practice. His voice has had a staying power, touching and influencing even today’s artists, guiding their hands in producing their own capolavori. Literature and art are the perfect partners and equals in their ability to communicate our humanity. Come and meet these artists and their creative spirit that have contributed capolavori to honour our Sommo Poeta.

This event will be hosted locally in Adelaide.

Further Details Forthcoming